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If it’s an application that allows individuals to develop a self-management support program for patients with type 2 diabetes, including NICE (National Institute for Clinical Excellence) endorsed structured education online, then Helastel have developed it for MapMyHealth. The MapMyDiabetes application is fully integrated into the NHS care pathways and it helps healthcare providers, clinicians and patients tackle type 2 diabetes in a highly engaging, effective and scalable way.

Or maybe you want to develop a modular distance learning application for trainee pilots studying for their EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) Airline Transport Pilot’s Licence (ATPL). Our first-to-market, innovative and intuitive application – BGS Online – has set the standard for ground school study in the aviation training market, with a proven success rate far in excess of traditional classroom-based or iPad-only learning. Having worked with Helastel for over 10 years now, Bristol Ground School are now Europe’s largest provider of online training services for commercial airline pilots and are the market leading provider of ATPL training resources and materials to approved training organisations around the world.

In both these examples, the customers came to Helastel with a business challenge and we were able to work with them to refine the requirements, define the solution and build a bespoke software product that has enabled their businesses to grow from strength to strength. In BGS case becoming one of the most recognised names in global aviation training.

Preparing a brief for software development

Here’s what you get in this ebook

  • Write a request for proposal (RFP) or brief for a technical project that will get the best quality companies working for you
  • Use your proposal stage to fully vet your suppliers and avoid any nasty surprises later
  • Save your time and theirs by giving software companies the information they need to deliver a relevant and in-depth pitch
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Preparing a brief for software development

"It had to be designed in collaboration with patients and healthcare experts using a data-driven approach to align with genuine problems faced in delivering and receiving high quality, effective care."

Iain Brogan, Chief Operating Officer at MapMyHealth

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