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Bespoke software – tailored to you

We’ve delivered a whole spectrum of systems integration and software solutions: from online ticketing for major attractions, to the system that lets traffic signs talk to each other and their operators, to the largest global e-learning systems for pilots. We’re trusted with some of the country’s most precious data – the NHS – and some of the worlds most secure – the global banking industry’s operational risk data. Our visual learning and communication system for diabetes sufferers has helped 40% more patients effectively manage their condition.

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Project rescue – we’ll fix it even when we didn’t break it

We can rebuild it! We’ve heard that sometimes things go wrong and eventually relationships fall apart. If you’ve got a software project that hasn’t quite delivered or you just need help then talk to us. With a wide range of software skills and proven methodologies, for understanding and documenting software solutions, our extensive team have over 15 years experience of taking over software projects and delivering our customers visions. Some of our happiest customers came to us as part of a rescue project.

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Discovery – finding out what you really want

Every project kicks off with a scoping process, where we collaborate closely with you to create detailed plans for your requirements. We explore the required functionality and user perspectives to design a logically built solution that meets both the user needs and business requirements. Recognising just how key the user is in all this, a large proportion of project scoping is about probing and mapping the desired behaviour and needs of your users. It is designed to challenge and refine precisely what your IT solution needs to achieve, and how. Associated with our scoping process will be a thorough assessment of how best to engineer your solution to take maximum advantage of your existing data services, infrastructure and commercial opportunities to manage and minimise risks.

Agile development – you control the costs

Helastel use Agile methodology. So rather than working towards one big ‘launch’ event, we’re always producing your software in small increments to share with you. We constantly re-evaluate the need, plans and outputs of your project and our clients find this methodology has several benefits. Agile Scrum working produces faster results at a higher quality thanks to more expert time spent on technical detail and design. Clients are able to access frequent working versions of their software along the way.

This is how we become real partners  with you. You’ll be able to see your project progress in a way that is easy to understand, measure and report on.

Web development – beautiful, fast & reliable

Fresh, creative digital services for organisations that want to grow online. We’ll help you create a stronger online presence to support a flourishing business. Your website doesn’t stand alone, it is part of your online presence and your digital ecosystem. Whether it’s lowering your bounce rate with interactive web design or driving new traffic and generating new income streams. We can help.

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Preparing a brief for software development

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"The ability to serve mobile-friendly content and our improved load times is something we’re hoping will give us a boost in search rankings – and it’s a change we couldn’t have made without a huge site overhaul"

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