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Customer order fulfilment


Automate your order fulfilment process with Intelastel taking care of the flow of data, the checking of inventory and task completion, with automatic notification where parts of the process are taking longer than planned, to ensure customer services are delivered on time.

Targeted sales campaign


Using open API’s and with an ability to consume spreadsheet data, Intelastel takes away the manual work of collecting billing information, calculating tariffs and targeting where the best opportunities for sales conversion are.

Business process optimisation


Through lo-code configuration, Intelastel allows organisations to define and build business processes, monitoring workflow, managing progress against pre-defined parameters and escalating for intervention when targets are breached.

Intelastel is an event-driven business process management (EDBPM) platform that sits at the very heart of your business, unifying disparate business processes, connecting everything to everything, “sensing” the way that your business is working and consciously informing you when and where intervention is required to ensure that you react quickly to deliver the best business outcomes.

Conscious software for unimagined growth

Intelastel is an event-driven business process management (EDBPM) platform that sits at the very heart of your business, unifying disparate business processes, connecting everything to everything else.

Intelastel “senses” the way that your business is working and consciously informs you when and where  you need to take action so that you can make faster decisions to deliver the best business outcomes.

Real time information

Intelastel’s real-time event-detection means that you can identify precisely when something important happens in your processes, such as when thresholds or targets have been met or missed.

You can surface the data that gives you real insight into what happened when and where you need to take action.

Instelastel makes it easy to put the right information in the right place at exactly the right time:  No more blind spots in your business.

Systems integration

Intelastel makes it easy to integrate data and systems, workflows to be established, process and data governance rules that will help you go further.

Our Intelligent Business Process Management System (iBPMS) will help your organisation to understand and manage the relationship between data in different systems.

Gain whole business agility that allows you to keep up in a world where having the software and infrastructure that enable fast decision making equals success. You’ll join our customers across sectors as diverse as healthcare, media and finance who benefit from a single point of truth that helps them manage compliance with GDPR and industry standards.

The future is codeless

Intelastel is the low code solution at the core of many of the innovative and groundbreaking business solutions that we deliver for our customers.

Reduce the need for time-consuming or costly coding effort. Intelastel typically taking less time to implement than a bespoke software development. You can start small with a specific module and expand. Trial it in one part of your business, or with one process and then as it delivers its improvements, encompass other functions, shining a light into parts of the business that previously you just couldn’t see.

Data visualisation

Structure your data and have it linked and managed as a single entity in Intelastel.

Access your data in a format that makes it easily consumable by Power BI, Tableau, QlikView, or whatever your chosen data visualisation tool may be. With a few clicks you’ll be able to share insights quickly and easily across your business.

Bristol Ground School – E learning example

"Helastel has helped us; they’ve supported the software, they’ve suggested changes and the product just keeps getting better and better and better."

Alex Whittingham, Managing Director of BGS

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"It had to be designed in collaboration with patients and healthcare experts using a data-driven approach to align with genuine problems faced in delivering and receiving high quality, effective care."

Iain Brogan, Chief Operating Officer at MapMyHealth

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