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Overview of Intelastel

Intelastel is an autonomous AI-powered software that builds apps to connect systems and find efficiencies.

Intelastel is kind of like a brain within a central nervous system. It “senses” your business processes, and proactively recommends where to take action in order to improve performance.

It also reduces the need for costly development. Simply configure the business processes you want, using the drag-and-drop tool, and Instelastel will autonomously create applications to do the job. No technical skills needed.

Harness the power of AI & machine learning

  • Artificially intelligent. Intelastel’s proactive suggestions will help you discover  opportunities and efficiencies that weren’t visible before.
  • Self-learning. Intelastel learns how data is used and how it flows through your organisation. It will also ask you questions to help it understand KPIs and other metrics.
  • Contextual learning. Not just the content of your data, but the context. For example, it will automatically learn that customer and supplier data are different, so will treat them differently.
  • Autonomous. Intelastel can explore whatever it’s plugged into, such as identifying relationships between datasets, and building data structures automatically.
  • Proactive. Identify potential bottlenecks and performance improvements – even before they become an issue.

A single source of truth – unite your data under one roof

  • Boosts business intelligence. Enable data-driven decision making with centralised dashboards and real time reporting.
  • No more data silos. See all your data from a bird’s eye view – no more disconnected data sources or separate spreadsheets
  • Cost-effective. Save on software licenses – Intelastel is an all-in-one solution. No more separate CRM, ERP, HR software, etc.

Discover efficiencies and insights

You can’t manage what you can’t measure. So why not measure everything?

  • Smart assistant. Integrated chatbot allows for easy reporting, such as ‘What was our revenue last month?’ ‘Where are the holes in our lead generation bucket?’ ‘Why isn’t this salesperson performing?’
  • Unimagined insights. For example, use Intelastel to compare the cost of running servers against profits from that service.
  • See true ROI. Get ROI on individual staff members by connecting HR and finance systems
  • Increase cost control. With the ability to see data from, for example, your ERP system, sales software and CRM together, you can tweak your expenditure.
  • Accountability. For example, you can maintain accountability of your supply chain by creating a supplier portal so they can upload their performance data.

Low risk, high reward software

  • Low capex. No need for large capital expenditure, with an inexpensive pay as you go model, hosted in the cloud. And no need for developers to maintain.
  • Low risk. No need to invest in a large system. You can start small. Test Intelastel on one business process – and if you like it, you can easily expand its use.
  • Empower users. The intuitive, codeless user interface has an integrated chatbot that even non-technical people can use to create essential tools.
  • Rollback functionality. Easy rollback functionality and history vision. Great for experiments and auditing.
  • Integration. Seamlessly integrate with over 2,000 plug-and-play APIs for automated workflows (e.g. through systems like Integromat and Zapier).

What can Intelastel do?

Here’s just some of the ways you can use Intelastel:

Internal applications:

  1. CRM systems (Customer Relations Management)
  2. Data management
  3. ERP systems (Enterprise Resource Planning)
  4. Business workflow software / Business Process Management (BPM)
  5. Record and document management
  6. HR / Human Resources
  7. Membership record systems
  8. (The list is endless…)

External applications:

  1. Healthcare Record Management
  2. Supplier Portal Solutions
  3. Advanced Learning Management Systems (LMS) for education and training
  4. Client community portals
  5. Secure online examination – education
  6. Case management software
  7. Interactive document exchange

Practical ways to use Intelastel

Here are some real-life scenarios where Intelastel can help you:

1. Improve data accuracy

Increase data accuracy, and reduce the risk profile for each customer. Assess your customer records, cross reference this against records from Companies House, and credit records. This makes your data more accurate, and reduces the risk profile for each customer.

2. Stay compliant

Reduce risk of non-compliance with GDPR. Before customer email addresses are due to expire, Intelastel could automatically send double opt-in messages in order to prevent the data from expiring.

3. Increase Efficiency

Improve efficiency by figuring out which projects overrun or go over budget, and suggest why that might be happening.

4. Boost business intelligence 

Identify which projects might be most profitable to pursue, given historical data and future projections.

5. Utilise automation

Automate your order fulfilment process. Intelastel manages the data flow, checking inventory and task completion. It can send automatic notifications if parts of the process are abnormally slow, to ensure customer services are delivered on time.

6. Integrate into any system

Using open APIs and local data sources, Intelastel takes away the manual work of collecting billing information and calculating tariffs. It can also intelligently identify where the best opportunities for revenue growth are.

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