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Understanding the Software Development Life Cycle: download the free ebook

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Developing business software is a complex and lengthy process. The most successful partnerships align understanding from the word go.

In this complementary ebook, we’ve detailed Helastel’s individual approach to the software development process. We’ll explain the key players that will guide you from pre-sales through to final delivery, outline what we need from you, and help you understand the rationale behind different methodologies, such as Waterfall and Agile.

At Helastel we believe communication is the linchpin behind brilliant projects. This ebook offers complete visibility into our development processes, to help us work together as effectively as possible.

What you get in this ebook:

  • A walkthrough of each stage of project delivery, from first contact to final sign off
  • What we need from you at each stage, so we can maximise project efficiency 
  • The pros and cons of the central software development methodologies – Waterfall and Agile
  • What happens after sign off – our ongoing partnership
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About Helastel

Helastel is a software development company based in Bristol. We take on complex, demanding projects that others won’t. We’re sector and software agnostic, which means that we work with clients from many different industries and don’t limit our work to just one or two programming languages

"Helastel has helped us; they’ve supported the software, they’ve suggested changes and the product just keeps getting better and better and better."

Alex Whittingham, Managing Director of BGS

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