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Surprisingly local

We’ll come to you in Cheltenham, or if you fancy getting away from it all you can visit sunny Bristol. Of course software development can happen anywhere, but our London clients do enjoy working with someone close-by without paying London prices.

Simple strategies for change

Through in-depth conversations about your business we will understand what needs to change. Your overall strategies for growth and your business processes become clear through the software consultancy process.”

Understanding your business

We will be asking you “”why”” a lot and we’ll listen very carefully. We have an unusual degree of business acumen and expect to become deeply integrated with our clients’ businesses while we carry out software consultancy with them.

Cheltenham and beyond

Our clients are often in Cheltenham but also dotted all over the country. A fair few are local to our offices in Bristol. We’ve always been pretty ambitious (a bit gung-ho?) about the size and complexity of our projects. It looks like we’ve pulled it off though, as our track record of successful projects and repeat business shows.

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"The vision for the website was to provide a comprehensive knowledge base for potential and existing IAM members, accessible globally in many different languages, and deliver a platform for future development."

David McKeown, CEO of The Institute of Asset Management

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The thing about bespoke software

Is that it’s bespoke, obviously. It’s made specifically for your company’s peculiarities and talents. It is made from scratch to support your processes. Because actually we haven’t met many people whose company is generic or simple. We work with businesses who have gone past the point of being able to meet their bigger goals with off-the-shelf software. They need something more complex that has been formed entirely to slot in and make things a whole lot easier.

When you start the bespoke software development journey, you can bet that your relationship with your business will never be quite the same again. In a good way, we promise. The way we do software development is very in-depth, with a lot of consultation and care. We’ve learned (yes, sometimes the hard way) that cutting corners just means you have to put in almost as much work but don’t get good results at the end.

Not getting results means that the software functions and does what you told us you wanted it to do, but it doesn’t end up meeting your goals. It takes more than a functional piece of software to really change things in a business, which is why we focus so heavily on consultation (usually consisting of a lot of digging into how your business works and what’s not working there).

We want to finish the project knowing that it’s going to create consistent change in the way you wanted it to. Quite selfishly, we know that if it makes big shifts in your company you’ll most probably want more. We’ve been working with many of our clients for several years and they’ll tell you how that goes (hint – they wouldn’t keep coming back if it was awful).

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Have a project or idea? Looking for a confident technology partner that will understand your business? Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements. A no-pressure phone conversation with one of our team is usually helpful, whatever stage you are at.

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