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Solid scoping

With our tried and tested software scoping processes, you’ll get exactly what you need (no more, no less). We’re experts at gathering requirements and consulting with you until the objectives and project are completely clear. A clear project scope sets the scene for a flexible Agile development process.

Data experts

Mission critical systems need realtime data exchange in order to make realtime decisions. We work with big data in enterprise systems. We have extensive experience dealing with compliant medical patient data. Whatever the requirement we’ll make sure your company’s most precious asset is handled safely and efficiently.

Integrating systems

Software development these days is rarely a case of building one stand-alone system. Requirements are complex and tend to demand the integration of several systems with new development and legacy aspects. We consult with you to get a long-term solution for IT efficiency and scalability.

Cardiff and beyond

Cardiff is a hub for our customers, who are most concentrated across the South West and Wales. We work with people from a wide range of industries too – from healthcare to education to government. We don’t limit ourselves to any specific language or technology, to ensure that we can adapt to the technical requirements of every new client. We are a highly technical partner, but it’s not all about code. We look forward to welcoming you into our team and we’re confident that if we work together it will be a successful and long-term partnership.

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"We recognised the importance of letting Helastel guide the process of really understanding what they wanted and where they were coming from. It was definitely worth it!"

Director at Penstripe, Chris Anderson

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Trusted custom software development

When you’ve got a team of trusted techies on your side, things get easier. We’ve developed a whole spectrum of custom software: from online ticketing for events to e-learning systems for pilots. We’re trusted with some of the country’s most secure data – the NHS’s patient data. Our visual learning and communication system has helped 40% more diabetes sufferers manage their condition.

We have extensive experience with complex projects. We have worked closely with our clients to design and execute long-term enterprise software integration strategies. We begin these projects by providing high-level technical consultancy to ensure that any development work is cost-effective and strategically sound.

We continue with the database design and software development, with senior software engineers and robust development methodologies. We provide infrastructure and server management during the project and beyond, to ensure ongoing integrity, performance and security.
We don’t limit ourselves to any one programming language, although we often build in PHP, .NET or C# depending on the client requirements. You may have legacy systems in place that require additional software to be built in the same language. Or you may have no preference for programming language at all, in which case we will talk you through the alternatives and make sure any technical decisions are fully informed for the long-term.

We use an Agile software development methodology which means we can be flexible about the scoping and the build. Change is welcome as new priorities and needs emerge during development. We work with a high level of transparency and you will have a dedicated team on call at all stages of the project.If you’re responsible for IT in a business, you probably have a high degree of technical know-how. You know what you want and how it needs to be done. Getting an external perspective and outside expertise to solve a particular problem or hold a specific problem can take a weight of your shoulders and mean faster progress for your whole department.

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