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Please use the form below to get in touch and we'll get back to you as soon as possible

Surprisingly local

We have always been ambitious with the size and complexity of the work we do. We may be a relaxed and informal team to work with, but our track record shows that the level of technical expertise and business consultancy here is pretty unique.


Bespoke every time

As a custom software company, we get to know our clients' businesses inside out. Born of partnership and collaboration, a great piece of bespoke software accelerates your business growth and makes new things possible.

Bristol does it

As we are a software development company in Bristol we love getting to work with Bristol clients. Of course the beauty of digital is that we can work with anyone, anywhere. But there's nothing quite like sitting down face-to-face to scheme the big changes that your business is ready for.

and Bristol

Our two favourite subjects. We feel very lucky to have our offices on the Triangle in Clifton. Amazing architecture, loads of great food spots and an easy commute. Not only that, but we get to spend our days there making custom software for our clients! We work locally and nationally with businesses from many different sectors, creating software to give them competitive advantage and business growth.


Let's start at the beginning

Helastel is a tight-knit team building bespoke business software in Bristol. Some of us are experienced in the technical side of things, the actual work of designing and building software. Many of us are more focused on customer service or business consultancy, although we all need a degree of technical know-how in order to understand and guide the projects we work on.

Because the projects we take on tend to be complex. The ones that require a big team effort and a lot of scoping out. Work that we can really get our teeth into, that catalyses big shifts in the companies we work with. Most people we meet are already at a point in their business cycle when investment in software is critical. They have a clear idea of how software presents a big opportunity for them, even if there are some messy legacy systems or processes that need to be put right first.

In our industry beauty sells. We’re very proud of the classy, intuitive and elegant UX and product-design work we do. The systems are reliable and fast, look great and are loved by their users and their users’ users.

Software engineers live and breathe technology and the beauty of code and at Helastel they work collaboratively across projects so they are also creative and they understand the implications of the work they are doing. We know there’s a delicate balance between an obsession with perfect code and results that will help to drive your business forward.

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