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Money’s in tech

You end up with much more than a piece of software. You’ll get a technical strategy for your company and the means to implement it. Knowing you’re using technology to your full advantage feels good, whether it’s to increase revenue or make your company grow.

Competitive advantage

With bespoke software you’ll gain true competitive advantage. The collaboration and partnership that goes into a piece of custom software allows you to innovate. With a good piece of software in place, you’ll be able to achieve things that your competitors can’t.

Making it easy

We don’t believe in software development headaches. We’ve heard the rumours about our industry and we’re not willing to play that game. Building software can be hard, but with clear communication and transparency it can also be fun and efficient.

Birmingham and beyond

A lot of our clients need custom software in Birmingham but others are dotted around the country with a focus on the South West. We work with people from a wide range of industries too – because it’s bespoke every time we don’t have to limit ourselves there. We’ll build your software in whichever coding language and platform is going to serve it best. We have a lot of technical know-how but it’s not all about code. We’ve learnt that getting the technical strategy that fully supports your business for years to come must be the main focus.

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“Before we started working with Helastel, our biggest problem was scaling our products from 5 or 10 universities, to 30. Creating this software has really facilitated us in reaching those goals."

Nicolas Carey, Director at Take Note!

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The thing about bespoke software

When you’ve got a team of trusted techies on your side, things get easier. This isn’t like working with a single web developer or software developer , where it’s up to you to decide the strategy and tell them what to do. However successful you are in business, you may not be a tech specialist and this makes it hard to manage a technical strategy. Our management team’s focus is on getting the information out of you about how your business works and what it needs. They then structure that information into a technical strategy and software plan that is designed specifically to meet your goals. It’s a big collaboration where you’ll bring your expertise to us and we’ll deal with the rest.

We use an Agile software development methodology which means we aren’t completely rigid about the build – we expect things to change as the creative process unfolds. We will be clear about what we are doing so that you are never in the dark during your software development project. There is transparency and a whole team of people to call on at every level in the business.

It’s true that every company needs to use software extensively these days if they want to meet their full potential, but it’s not always easy when you don’t know how to put it in place. Our process is tried and tested and has improved the businesses of our clients, from varied industries and at different stages of growth.

At the outset some of them knew exactly the software they needed, although often their ideas changed as we moved through the scoping process. Others had software in place already and knew it was holding them back. Some clients come to us armed only with the knowledge that there’s a hole in their bucket and they think software will fix it.

Whatever stage you’re at and whatever type of business you have, let’s talk and find out if your company could benefit from custom software (note – if it can’t, we’ll give you some alternatives that might work better for you).

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