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Software support involves a cycle of analysis, planning, creative work and evaluation. It is this process that keeps your business software on point with your corporate strategy.

Maximising investment

After investing in a significant new piece of software, let's make the most out of your investment through software support. Testing, refining and adding to your software ensures its ongoing profitability. 

Security & updates

Whether online or internal, the environment in which your software runs is changing all the time. We manage potential security threats and essential updates to keep your software safe.

Ensuring your software
gives back to your business

Your software will be maintained and tweaked during the software support cycle. We’ll analyse performance and be up to the minute when it comes to security and updates. But the real beauty of ongoing software support is having your own expert technical team at hand all the time. We will be thinking ahead to support your software and your business, working closely with you to make sure that the digital side of your business remains innovative and relevant.


Evolving with your business

Once your software is built and is live we hand the responsibility for it back to you. This can be daunting. But you won’t be abandoned at this stage to think about support and about the important next steps by yourself. We already know each other very well and we anticipate continuing to work with you to keep things evolving for your business.

Firstly, we’ll continue to be provide software consultancy – asking if the software is doing the right thing for your business now and into the future. Your software will already be scale-able and future-proof but we’ll still be thinking ten steps ahead to ensure it remains so, whatever happens.

Secondly, there will be things to do. These could be slight improvements to your site, or it might be a complete phase of further software development that wasn’t prioritised before. It’s a question of what you need and when.

You don’t have to contracting us to support you but our experience is that all of our clients carry on working with us to maximise their investment in the new software. Some clients have been contracting us for software support for six or seven years now. That’s how things are in software – one project often opens up new avenues and opportunities.

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