Software for business process management is a fancy way of saying software that makes businesses work more smoothly and efficiently. It demands a different approach to that of directly revenue-generating software. It is commonly based on one or more of the following objectives:

  • To save on operating costs through lower staffing/greater automation
  • To speed up processes so that core business objectives can be met e.g. faster time to revenue, enhanced customer experience etc.
  • To fundamentally change the organisation for the better

At Helastel, we already know a lot about optimising business processes through software. To deliver truly transformative benefits, we’ll need to dig deeper to understand what makes your organisation tick.

Project Scoping

Every project kicks off with a project scoping process, where we collaborate closely with you to create detailed plans for your product. We explore the required functionality and user perspectives to design a logically built product that meets both the user needs and business requirements. Recognising just how key the user is in all this, a large proportion ot of project scoping is about probing the behaviour and needs of your users. In many instances these will be employees and colleagues, but that doesn’t mean they’ll blindly use the software in the way you envisage - unless it’s been designed to meet their requirements.

Technology Strategy

Your business is bigger than this software requirement, but it’s crucial that it’s made to slot right in. That takes us beyond the mere technical considerations of system and process integration into a wider examination of your technology strategy, with recommendations on how to proceed. By doing this we safeguard against numerous potential risks while enabling you to reflect an accurate business case for your investment, and take advantage of available commercial opportunities.

Development and Delivery

As we develop your custom written software, we’ll ensure it’s designed with appropriate support services and infrastructure environment in mind. The finished product will reflect the scope agreed, and in most cases also include a roadmap of additional functionality for staged implementation into the future.

Next Steps

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