Great custom software starts with decent people.

When you’re responsible for technology in business you need a software supplier that feels like an extension of your own department. One that you can collaborate with smoothly. That you trust to follow through with solid and efficient solutions every time.

We’ve been developing business-critical software solutions for over a decade. We offer software consultancy services as well as systems integration, data migration and custom software. For a full overview of our software services see here.

Solid technical experience

We’ve developed a whole spectrum of custom software: from online ticketing for major attractions, to the system that lets traffic signs talk to each other and their operators, to e-learning systems for pilots. We’re trusted with some of the country’s most precious data - the NHS. Our visual learning and communication system for diabetes sufferers has helped 40% more patients effectively manage their condition.

A strong software team across the board

We have a rigorous recruitment process for all team members, selecting developers and managers who have sufficient prior experience to be trusted with major project work. As well as carrying out development and problem-solving tests with candidates, we make sure that they can communicate well with clients and fit with the values of our company. Every member of our team is based in our UK offices, we never use offshore contractors.

Infrastructure and data specialists

We are infrastructure specialists, controlling and managing the servers that host our customers’ software from our data centre. We are completely accountable for keeping things fast, efficient and up-to-date. Business critical software needs a high-performance approach to hosting, with close collaboration between the software developers and infrastructure team.

Truly custom software development

Helastel won’t ever apply generic technical solutions or shoehorn your business into a mould that doesn’t fit it. Our custom software work is entirely designed around the specific business issues and goals that you bring. We are thorough and structured in our approach to project planning, whilst using the elements of Agile project management that keep things flexible and efficient.

Strategic partnership

We build long-term relationships with our clients and work as their technology partners for several years in most cases. A high level of trust is central to the ongoing success of our work together, it’s the only way to genuinely get to the heart of business change. It takes gritty determination at times and a willingness to work with integrity even when it’s not the easy option.

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