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Simple strategies for change

Through in-depth discussions and analysis of your business we will understand and agree what needs to change. Your overall strategies for growth and your business challenges and processes become clear through the Business Consultancy process. We will agree the solutions required and prioritise a roadmap for change with you, targeting those technology changes that maximise business benefit and are delivered in line with available budgets.

Understanding your business

We take time to understand your business vision and your inhibitors to growth or performance, we will be asking you "why" a lot and we'll listen very carefully. We have an unusual degree of business acumen and expect to become deeply integrated with our clients' businesses while we carry out our consultancy.

The value of a well-laid plan

We’ll work with you to create a roadmap which outlines how to get from where you are today to where you want to be in order to realise your business vision. Our Consultancy Services include the creation of technical and business strategy documentation. We pride ourselves on the quality and reliability of these documents and the depth of the process from which they are borne.

Finding out what technology
could do for you

In working with us, you will receive considered, competent advice and support, with the highest levels of technical expertise. Our approach to projects has always been one of discovery and collaboration; our Consultants will develop an understanding of you and your strategies for growth in the present and in the long-term. They'll support you in defining what your IT solution must do and what it must not do.

Helastel’s consultancy process is an in-depth conversation that will help you realise the full potential and value of software in your business. We offer a professional service designed to assist businesses in the best use of IT through objective advice, recommendations and expertise. By following this process, organisations are enabled to achieve their business goals and to develop sound strategies for success.

Whether you're seeking support for a project, guidance in procuring or using technology, or simply knowledge and insight from an industry specialist, we have the experience and resources to help. Our Business Consultants have the technical and business knowledge to understand business processes, those which work and those which need to change. They have the communications skills to express technical concepts to corporate and non-technical audiences, with the vision to translate those concepts into growth strategies. We will work closely with you to transform those strategies into successful projects.

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What to expect from software consultancy

We will want to understand your vision, what your strategy is for growth now and in the long-term, what you need your software to do and what you don’t need it to do. The consultancy process will be an in-depth conversation about your business, your customers and your customers’ customers, about marketing and monetising your software.

You’re probably not going into this lightly. You might have investment for something highly innovative or you might be motivated by any number of things; from pressure to grow to the fact that the ‘make do and mend’ approach won’t last any longer. We know it’s important, expensive and also business-critical, sometimes even life or death for an organisation.

Software consulting can be a standalone process to help you establish exactly what you need or it can happen as part of a project and before we start building your software.

We’ll be looking ahead and planning accordingly, so you can feel secure because you know everything is in place for a successful project delivery. We’re going to stay with you and we won’t let things fail. We are technically able, we’ll stay on time and on budget and throughout the process you’ll be able to see what’s happening – not in the dark, no surprises!

We work with the owners and board members of high potential, mid sized businesses who are ready to make a step change in the performance and capacity of their business. Helastel provides the business acumen, IT knowledge and experience needed to lead the development and delivery of breakthrough growth strategies and underpin them with great software solutions.

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