Whether your software is externally facing for users who pay for your services, or internally driven for business process optimisation, a potential security breach will be a nightmare scenario.

It’s our job to stop nightmares becoming reality. Don’t be alarmed when we work as hard as possible to breach the security of software projects, under safe sandbox (test) conditions. We do this through a range of means demanded by the leading global security compliance mandates.

You don’t have to be a cybersecurity expert or compliance specialist to brief us on what you need. We’ll show you want your needs are, and walk through all the implications, and those responsibilities we can shoulder for you.

Our commitment to achieving your security and compliance requirements is delivered by Helastel, side-by-side with qualified associates, and encompasses:

  • Legal counsel on the ownership of source code, digital assets, intellectual property, and the handling of customer data
  • Secure coding practices including code review to mitigate security vulnerabilities during the development process
  • Certified penetration testing, carried out by experienced professionals
  • Periodic security audits to identify weaknesses in infrastructure and/or processes
  • 24/7 proactive monitoring and back-ups to your systems
  • Other bespoke measures required by specific compliance mandates in individual industry sectors such as healthcare, financial services, gaming etc.

All aspects of Helastel software development are conducted with the utmost client confidentiality, bound by non-disclosure agreement (NDA) and legal contract.

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