Intuitive and watertight

software development

You can expect us to simplify the complex. We are used to business-critical software development and taking on demanding projects that others don’t. We use an Agile software development methodology which means we aren’t completely rigid about the build – we expect things to change as the creative process unfolds.


Software consultancy

an educated approach to software

We believe that light, intuitive and successful software gives your business an advantage. We deploy our experienced Business Consultants in order to gain a deep understanding of your business and what it needs, before we start any development. If you start to develop software without an understanding of the people and the detailed business involved then it is easy to make expensive mistakes. Our experienced Business Consultants identify those potential mistakes and ensure that you steer well clear of unnecessary risk.


Beautiful, fast & reliable

web development

Fresh, creative digital services for organizations that want to grow online. We can help you create a stronger online presence to support a flourishing business. Your website doesn’t stand alone, it is part of your online presence and your digital ecosystem. Whether it’s lowering your bounce rate with interactive web design or driving new traffic and generating new income streams. We can help.


Software support –

Protecting your investment

We’ll tailor your support to your requirements, balancing service levels against budgets to ensure we deliver the optimum service for your business. The real beauty of ongoing software support is the ability to have your own expert technical team at hand. We will be thinking ahead to support your systems and your business, working closely with you to make sure that our digital solutions continue to drive your business forward.


Infrastructure management

in the safest of hands

Infrastructure management may be the last thing on your mind when you start talking to us about your IT project but it is very important. Helastel is different from other software firms - we control and manage the servers that power your hosted software at our data centres. We are completely accountable for keeping things fast, efficient and up-to-date. On-premise, off premise, Cloud or Hybrid solutions. We have the capability to meet your needs.


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