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We’re technology agnostic and we’ll help you make decisions based purely on what is best for your business.

Sometimes you have to start by working out what you’ve actually got and whether it’s fit for purpose. This might include carrying out any of the following:

Security troubleshooting:

From penetration testing to code reviews, we’ll probe coding for telltale security bugs and other risks.

Due diligence:

If you are in the process of acquiring a business or its specific assets/IP, we can carry out a complete audit of the stability, security and future readiness of the software in question. This will help you determine the commercial value of both the software and business as a whole.

Procurement evaluation:

Buying software isn’t like buying anything else. It’s not always easy to know what your requirements will be or what questions should you ask when you carry out software procurement.

This is where we can help you make the right buying decisions for your business.

We’ll closely examine and report on the comparative virtues, risks and cost models of various software alternatives available to you, whether that’s off the shelf or more tailored solutions.

"The vision for the website was to provide a comprehensive knowledge base for potential and existing IAM members, accessible globally in many different languages, and deliver a platform for future development."

David McKeown, CEO of The Institute of Asset Management

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