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With the overwhelming number of choices now available, businesses often find it difficult to make the choice between using bespoke software or an off-the-shelf alternative.

Which do you choose, bespoke software or off-the-shelf, ready-made software? It’s a decision that can be confusing; so much (and yet, so little) information is available online and it is often contradictory or unclear.

In this video we discuss definitions of both bespoke and off-the-shelf software and give some simple guidelines on how to understand what the best choice would be for your business.

We explain the key features of both software approaches, along with their advantages and disadvantages, to try and help you make the right choice.

We wanted to set the record straight on the myths surrounding bespoke software development and offer a balanced appraisal of the conflicting opinions to lift the fog of confusion and equip decision makers with the facts they need. The result is an eBook which goes to the heart of the bespoke vs. off the shelf debate; challenging negative preconceptions and showing how the bespoke approach can be applied to deliver genuine business change and competitive advantage.

If you have any questions about software development or want to do some more research, you can request a free consultation or browse some of our software development services here.