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LHL Property Auditors pursue financial recoveries in cases where businesses have overpaid on their business rates. Founded in 2014 by Mark Lovett, the business grew rapidly, adding 25 staff within two years. Initially, Microsoft Access suited the young company’s data management needs, but the system became temperamental as employee numbers rose and processing requirements ramped up. 

In need of a custom database management system, LHL got in touch.

An smart approach to database management

While the immediate need of the business was for a system that could cope with their increased data and processing requirements, in consultation with Mark we designed an application through our AI-augmented application development platform Intelastel that dramatically improved the productivity of the business. The new database management software system enabled:

Better process management

A managed workflow meant cases were only advanced through the company once a team had completed all required actions. This created a self-regulating production pipeline.

Integrated system

Multiple spreadsheets and disparate data sources were brought together into Intelastel, unifying data to make reporting easier.

Accurate data

With all data pulled from the same sources, reporting accuracy improved to enable better business insight and decision making.

Better team visibility

Managed workflows and accurate data both contributed to clearer visibility, for both staff and documentation, improving management insight.

Complete flexibility

Intelastel’s zero time to value application development model meant changes could be made instantly. This flexibility allowed LHL to immediately pivot towards targeting new leads when the 2020 pandemic decimated their previous client hit list.

Clear results  

Intelastel has delivered a step-change in workflow management for LHL, with a database software system that provides superior insights and data management giving them a leg up on competitors. Best of all, the scalable application means the system can grow with the business, eliminating the need for future software migrations.

Read the case study

Find out more with the full LHL case study: How a new database management system created fresh opportunities for a property auditors.

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