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What is Systems Integration?

Systems Integration is the process of connecting separate systems together.

For example, you might have individual systems for finance, stock management and sales software. These systems might not ‘talk’ to each other, meaning that data has to be entered into each system manually – which is inefficient, increases the risk of errors and creates data silos.

Why is Systems Integration important?

While integrating your systems can be complex, the benefits can be game-changing:

  • Increase productivity. No more repeated manual data entry into multiple systems.
  • Get a single source of truth. By removing data silos, you improve business intelligence.
  • Maximise system value. Take the best of your existing systems and enable data sharing.
  • Adopt automation. Automated data management, workflows and intelligent process management.
  • Data integrity. Be confident in decision making with access to accurate, seamless data.

What does good systems integration look like?

A good systems integration will:

  • Handle errors intelligently. E.g. data mismatches, duplicates, simultaneous edits
  • Monitoring reporting and alerting on integration status
  • Update data in realtime
  • Have fully documented systems functionality
  • Test and handle edge cases

Systems Integration with Helastel

Here’s a step-by-step overview of how we approach Systems Integration projects:

  • Discovery. Through a series of workshops, we discover your requirements. (What do you want? What do you expect? What don’t you want?)
  • Analysis. Determine operational feasibility. Translate your requirements into needs.
  • Architecture design. Writing a plan/blueprint of how the systems should be integrated.
  • Implementation. Developing the proposed solution.
  • Testing. Test team will look for any bugs, and fix them.
  • Training. We can help train your teams to understand and use the new solution.
  • Maintenance. Ensures your system works flawlessly even after it is released. Add or amend features, or remove bugs.

Challenges we’ve overcome

This isn’t our first rodeo. We’ve dealt with some pretty dubious projects. Here are some systems integration situations we’ve managed to turn around:

  • Clients with poor quality data
  • Mis-matched data structures. To rectify, we’ve had to write translation scripts.
  • Integrating ‘mature’ and complex systems.
  • Integrations with no documentation (written process) as to how the systems work, e.g. unsupported legacy systems. To rectify, we’ve had to reverse engineer systems and perform ethical hacking to complete the integration.
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