"Helastel are an incredible organisation. We've found them to be incredibly business minded and incredibly intelligent in their approach to a project. They're far more than just a set of developers or computer geeks."
Chris Anderson, Director
“If you want people who are really going to be part of the journey, and essentially even change the destination, then you can’t find anyone better.”
Iain Brogan, COO
"The future with Helastel is confident. We know we can work with them moving forward because they have the capacity and capability to realise our ambitions."
Robert Halford, Managing Director
"I care about my business and I enjoy working with Helastel because they care too."
Alex Whittingham, Managing Director
"Now, 2 years on, I’ve had much less stress despite the fact that we had exponential growth."
Robert Ireland, Managing Director
"We are really happy with the work we have done with Helastel. We'd be mad to go anywhere else."
Nicolas Carey, Director
"The IAM has online presence that enables world class collaboration with their members online."
David McKeown, CEO