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What began as a slur now has a growing following; but is ‘wagile’ – a mix of agile and waterfall software delivery methods – really gaining traction as a credible software delivery approach? Agile delivery is hailed as the best model for most projects – but does its success mean it’s being used too broadly? And how does an ill-suited software delivery approach affect build?

Join Helastel’s panel – Director of Operations James Tipler, Scrum Master Sukhwinder Talwar, Solution Architect Lewis Barnes, and Head of Development Lee Griffin – at Engine Shed for a lively discussion on modern software delivery models.

Discussion points:

  • Definition of the waterfall + agile ‘wagile’ working methodology
  • What are the key sticking points around effective agile employment?
  • Is agile over-hyped?
  • Good wagile and bad wagile
  • Is there a place for a new approach to software delivery?
  • How do other methodologies stack up? Pros and cons of different approaches:
  • – Waterfall vs V model for linear
  • – Scrum vs kanban for agile

A 30-minute panel discussion will be followed by a Q&A session, and refreshments.

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About Bristol Technology Festival

Bristol Technology Festival is a week-long programme of events aiming to help people from the region’s booming tech scene come together to learn, share and explore. 

Now in its fourth year, the festival attracts upwards of 5,000 people annually, with dozens of events taking place across the city.

This year’s festival follows five key themes:

  • Monday: Purpose
  • Tuesday: Protect
  • Wednesday: People
  • Thursday: Play
  • Friday: Pioneer

Tuesday also encompasses the Bristol & Bath Cyber Conference, a mix of workshops, hackathons and speakers running from 9am-4pm.

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