Iouri Prokhorov
Managing Director

Christina Lynch
Marketing Consultant

Jon Hazan
Technical Lead

Ian Guerit
Technical Director

Sam Dineley
IT and Infrastructure Support

Lyndon Ellison
Software Engineer

Mike Wilson
Software Engineer

Cosmin Bosneaga
Software Engineer

Karen Maddock
Head of Client Services

Ross Nesbitt
Software Engineer

Ben Quinn
Test Lead

Emma James
Business Analyst

Amy Tidmarsh
Project and Workflow Manager

Alex Bates
HR Manager

Lou Kulisewa
Finance Manager

Zak Chester
Account Manager

Thomas Baltruschat
iOS Software Engineer

Jack Stowey
Software Engineer

Nick Lovell
Database Administrator

Holley Chapman
Client Relationship Manager

Klaudja Metos
Office Assistant

Duniya Moore
Financial Controller

Dariya Youngs
Workflow Manager

Becky George
Business Analyst

Elvin Kurbanov
Customer Service Technician

Mariela Popova
Marketing Manager

James Greenhalgh
Business Development Manager